My name is Stefan Briel. I love writing songs. I write a lot of songs. Maybe you enjoy the following. There is much more where they come from.

„Still Dangerous“ is a driving rocksong with a strong 80s approach. You might be reminded of early works of Bon Jovi. The lyricist addresses a person (maybe a woman) who is still attractive in spite of her/his age and encourages him/her to show it and conquer the world.
I.M.B.A.D. or „I’m bad“ went through some changes until it became what it ist now. A hard rocker with a bit of punk approach.
„Wings of my Youth“ is about childhood dreams and growing old. Do you know if your wings still can carry you? They will… if you just believe. This song also works as a duet, so I asked a good friend of mine (Ronny Moucka) to share the performance. The music provokes a feeling of freedom and longing, seasoned with a bit of nostalgia.
Now this is kind of a weird song. The single parts might remind you of some very different facets of your taste in music, including AC/DC, Foreigner, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Kula Shaker and even the Beatles in the late 60s. „Work in Progress“ is co-written by awarded producer Ralf Erkel.